Global Vocal Meeting

When talking about concerts featuring the human voice, the festival Stimmen in Lörrach, Germany, is worldwide a first address. In the millennium summer, the festival invited vocalists from four continents to prepare a special project: The Global Vocal Meeting united Corin Curschellas (Switzerland), Abdoulaye Diabate (Mali), Rinde Eckert (USA), Mónika “Mitsou“ Juhász Miczura (Hungary), Sudha Ragunathan (India) und Senge (Madagascar) in a joint concert. After the premiere, the musicians took the road in Europe; in autumn 2001 four concerts followed in the USA (billed as „World Voices Festival“). One year later, the project was performed again in two Stimmen-concerts – the same repertoire as 2000 and 2001, plus one all new Senge track.

The 2002 concert in Lörrach has been recorded on multi-track, and is now for the first time available – the complete 22-song set on two CDs. Additional material include a song that Senge have only performed in Lörrach in 2000, and two videos from the very first performance in Lörrach on 6 July, 2000.

Price: 20 Euro


„Best of all, there was the continuing revelation of the versatility of the human voice, of the way its diverse potential seems to contain resources for every imaginable form of cultural expression.“ (L.A. Times)
„Exciting, deeply moving, colourful, with many surprising idioms and changes – this evening ads some great stories to the history of world music.“

(Badische Zeitung)
„The experiment was successful, the result was magic!“

(Basler Zeitung)

Bestellnummer: NoEthno 1003/4


2 CDs with 23 audio tracks (125 min) plus 2 MPEG files

book (hard cover) with 48-page full-colour booklet
release date: 1 July, 2003

Track list

CD 1

1 Djalako avao  6:03
2 La Filiera  2:58
3 Anadoza  3:26
4 Gospel Plough  3:11
5 Tillana  8:11
6 Taara  4:24
7 Ragnalahy  4:20
8 Pergetök  1:46
9 John Knows  3:01
10 Ben  8:47
Video 1: Braman Okate  7:43
Video 2: Nakale  6:01

CD 2

1 Braman Okate  6:53
2 Kicsi Csillag  3:21
3 Jodel  2:46
4 Two Riddles  4:47
5 Raike  7:55
6 La Pura  3:23
7 Nakale  7:23
8 Quelle est la voix?  5:34
9 Bibynene  4:19
10 Wedding In A Forest  11:12
11 Ellen Waltzing  2:50
12 Berida  3:33
13 Djalako avao (reprise)  6:00

All recordings previously unreleased